Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Weekend Brunch

Blogger apparently now has web analytics.  I was checking to see where my pagehits were being referred from, and looks like someone recenlty got referred here looking for porn.  I guess "Kathy's Magic Window" could sound suggestive, although I certainly never thought of it that way!  :-o

We had one of Ian's friends and his mom over for brunch and the boys were still excited about Valentine's Day, so we went with that theme.

Anyway, you could say Ian was excited about it that morning!

Here is the table all set with sides, desserts, and party favors.

And finally, last but not least here is the main course, created by pizza chef extraordinaire, Clint.  Cuteness!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Goodies

First of all, I made these a short while back for the folks at work to test out my new cake pops pan.

Wish this was a better picture---they were really cute!  Then yesterday I made some cupcakes for Ian to take to school today.

Apparently these were a big hit with his classamtes.  That cookie cutter used to be my great-grandmother's.

But the best Valentine's goody was:  after having my house flood the week before Christmas and spending almost almost two months with no kitchen or diing room floors, I have new tile!