Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween crafting

Ian's and his dad had some fun doing Halloween crafts.  This card he made for his Grandma made us laugh---luckily she has a good sense of humor!

We painted a Halloween tree (the green ghosts have glow paint and look very eerie in the dark with their googly eyes!)

Dad put together a foam pirate ship I've had in the crafts closet for a few years.  I managed to burn myself on the hot glue gun helping him and now have a nasty crafting injury to my fingertip.

Ian and I also made some origami black cats.

Finally, here are a few things going on in the garden (ignore the weeds in the flower beds---I've been busy lately!)


I think that's the prettiest rose I've ever seen on that scraggly rosebush out back.  As far as the other thing coming up, I have no idea what it is, although I vaguely remember planting it and sticking a stake by it last season.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some big changes and Halloween decor

I can't even describe what a crazy year this has been.  While working full time and being a mom to a special needs child, I finished half of the coursework for my doctorate.  I've been a full time student all year and am taking 12 hours of doctoral coursework this Fall.  I hope to finish the rest of my coursework by next summer and start writing my dissertation.

Anyway, I realized a couple of weeks ago that with all that has been going on, I still had the Easter decorations up in the house(!)  So, I put them away and put up the Halloween decor to get in the spirit of things.  Let's start with our creepy front door.

Ian's really into this game called Plants vs. Zombies right now, so I figured he would like our house being a "Zombie Feeding Area."

Dining room table. 

Front entryway and coat closet door.

Living room hallyway --- a little cluttered, I confess. I've been considering moving some of this to the mantel, but have been in the middle of mid-terms and limited on time. Oh, well, maybe next year!

I've always been fond of this little teddy bear witch crossstitch I did a couple of years ago.

And finally the kitchen table!

Hope you had fun seeing our All Hallows Eve decor!  Ian sang "God Bless America" at the talent contest at school last week, so if I get the video from that from one of the other parents, I will have to post it here soon.  Ours didn't come out, unfortunately!  :-(