Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big news!

Guess you folks thought I had dropped up the face of the earth. In fact I have been travelling back and forth three weekends in a row to the Atlanta metro area, where, as it so happens, we are going to be moving! Quite a change from our small town in rural VA, eh? However, we were not quite ready to move into the big city proper, so we are trying to buy a house in Conyers, a smaller town outside of Atlanta. It has a cute little downtown area called Olde Town, plus it has lots of suburban amenities like shopping and city water (we have had a well that has so much iron and sulfur in it that we can't drink the water for the last five years). And...curbside garbage pickup! Seriously, if you have never lived in a rural are and gone without, you have no idea what a huge deal it is not to have to give your garbage a lift several times a week. (Ask yourself how much you would enjoy having to put bags full of used cat litter in your car trunk, my friend----gross me out!)

Anyway, here are some pictures of Olde Town Conyers. It is an old railroad town, and you can see that they have preserved it very quaintly.

After living in a town with limited restaurants for the past five years, we are very excited about the prospect of having a nice coffeehouse, a Thai restaurant, and an Irich pub all on the same block!Conyers also has a cute little park downtown, and an artist's market on Saturdays.Plus a community theater, which my husband is excited about.Here is the house we made an offer on yesterday. Don't know if we will get it---the realtor was so pissed off by our lowball offer that she chewed me out about it, but as she said, she's required to present all offers.

We like it enough that we might come up on the price a little on a counter offer, but if not, there is another house we like---a little more modern, but better maintained and in a lake community--- that we wouldn't be too miserable settling for.

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