Saturday, August 18, 2007

Travelling girl

Here is a little project I've been working on lately; there are two of them, and I am going to frame them for Halloween decorations. The other one has a black cat on it. I'll take another shot when it's done, but here is the work in progress:

Stopped at my mom's house yesterday on the way down to Georgia. She had a set of china that she inherited from her husband's stepmother (so, my stepdad's stepmom, if you can follow that) that she wants to give me. My mom has six sets of china, including a set of Havilland that she uses every day (she even takes it outside for picnics---as she said, "At my age, what am I saving it for?"). I said that she should wait until after we move, so she's going to pack them up for me until then. Here they are---sweet little flowers!

By the way, sorry these pictures aren't edited better, but I am on a computer at a hotel in Conyers, GA today. Conyers is a really cute little town; I should have some pictures for you soon!

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