Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homemade, Home-grown Lavender Gelato

I've been craving lavender gelato lately, and I finally got a few blooms on my lavender plants after a long rainy summer, so I made Domestic Daddy's lavender gelato recipe this week, adding a little purple food coloring to pretty it up.  Wasn't sure if my tiny amount of homegrown French lavender would work, because it called for dried culinary lavender, but holy cow---if the lavender taste was any stronger it would knock you over! I will let my nine-year-old, Ian, (who amazingly enough loved it) give you the final verdict:

1.  Lavender gelato: sounds disgusting but it's not
2.  Respect it: it's awesome!
3. Respect the maker because it's homemade.

So there you have it folks: respect me, respect my gelato!   ;-)

1 comment:

Harriet Rose said...

I have so much lavender at the moment and did not know what to do with it all. Gelato is definitely the answer I was looking for! Thank you.