Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trip to North Carolina, Part 1

We took so many pictures this week I will have to just share some of them with you over the next couple of posts, I guess (which is good, since Clint is going into rehearsal for the musical Rent next week, so I will be busy.) So, I'll start with some vintage thingies from my mom's house, because if anybody has more vintage thingies than me, it's my mom (and if anybody has more vintage thingies than her, it's Clint's mom---but that's a story for another time!) Not sure which branch of the family it was, but someone owned an appliance store (Mom also has an old Norge neon sign which is hanging in the laundry room.) Here are some advertising stamps from the store:

Here are a few of her cool old cast-iron motorcycle toys.

Here is a neat old antique compass. My mom's parents did a lot of boating, so it may have come off one of their boats.

Here are some vintage kitchen thingies: a brown Corningware bowl, a mixing bowl that (I think) was her grandmother's biscuit bowl, and I love this old nut chopper.

Finally, here is an old phone. Isn't that fun? I guess you had a party line back then, so you just rang the operator.

I'm posting this to Vintage Thingie Thursday.


Lynn said...

I love poking around my mom's house too. It looks like you found some fun things to share. I love the nut chopper and the Pyrex. I love Pyrex! Thanks for visiting me at Cottage and Creek. Have a good weekend!

Rebecca said...

You've got quite a collection of vintage things-wonderful!


Kathy, thank you for popping by and for the nice comment! Love that pirex, I think my mom had one in green like it! Great collection of vitage things. Such fun!
Have a nice Easter!